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The Ultimate Flexo Printer Troubleshooter – For flexo print troubleshooting

Please click on the link below to download your PDF copy of The Ultimate Flexo Troubleshooter the ideal companion for the flexo printer. When flexo print troubleshooting is required, this handy quick reference guide can easily viewed on a smart phone or tablet on site.


Flexo print troubleshooting for the press room floor

We also have available a printed version on permanent self adhesive vinyl. Perfect for attaching onto to a press room wall or any other vertical surface. The same print but mounted on a hard back PVC Correx 3mm thick board is also a brilliant alternative for hanging on a wall or flat surface.


Sized at 80 x 60 cm, it’s easily read and a perfect, inexpensive companion for the press room staff. Orders take approx. 5 working days to fulfil and prices are excluding VAT and delivery*.


Self Adhesive Vinyl Print


Hard Back Print on 3mm thick Correx PVC board


*Delivery £10.00 per parcel.


Download Free Digital Copy



#silkscreen | Properly Preventing Pinholes – Rotary Stencil making

Some interesting suggestions from Wim Zoomer of Stork in Holland for solutions when producing rotary Stork RotoMesh® stencils.

Several printers have not faced the challenge that ink was slowly seeping through the stencil and leaving unwanted spots on top of the freshly printed substrate?

More time is required in the screen making room to remake the screen and to minimize the loss of profitability. Although it is relatively simple to avoid the pinhole problem, frustration is commonly the result.

Stencil pinholes are predominantly created in the screen making room. The attentive screen maker perceives the pinhole as a problem and remakes the screen. When the screen concerned is on press the pinhole may cause a serious problem resulting in leaving unwanted dots of ink on the substrate to premature stencil breakdown on press.

A pinhole looks like a tiny transparent imperfection. Actually it is a tiny hole appearing in stencils after development, which possibly causes an unwanted printed dot of ink.

Pinholes are roughly caused by the presence of small air bubbles, contamination, or underexposure. The individual causes will be discussed in succession of the screen making process.

READ MORE Properly Preventing Pinholes | wim zoomer | LinkedIn.

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