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GMG OpenColor arrives at MPH Limited

GMGColor is now available, no more surprises on press and at an affordable cost to you. The very latest technology is ready to give you the edge in our ultra competitive market.

GMG opencolor

We monitor your press every time you run a job, ensuring our proofs match your print.

The importance of knowing what your press will produce before putting ink on paper has never been more important. The trouble has always been the lengthy process of producing a profile; you start with a special job that contains hundreds of patches of colour that has to be specially run to replicate normal printing 06e54d52-5e4e-4070-a208-dee21c319245conditions, that are taken away and analysed. A contract proof can be made from the data produced from the profiling job. All you have to do is consistently print as you did for the special profiling job.

What if the profiling software needed so few patches it could be run on the edge of a normal job, in normal operating conditions? You could turn any job into a profiling exercise. Special colours are not a problem, and incorporating them into the process set is easy.

The purposes of this kind of proofing can be described as providing ‘no surprises on press.’ If your process will struggle to represent a colour in the way a client would want, it’s far better to know before everyone is standing by the machine for a pass on press.

What it will not do is dramatically improve what you can print. If you struggle with density, highlights or some specific area of the colour gamut (there is no prefect system to represent colour), this will not fix it but, it will predict it giving an opportunity to rectify things early on.


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