Fast turnaround flexo | DuPont Cyrel® FAST

Just one of our plate making products on offer to our Flexographic print partners is DuPont’s Cyrel Fast system. Fast turnaround flexo work requires fast plate making and Cyrel Fast offers that solution to many of our customers. Cost effective and reliable, this product is a benchmark for quality print in a competitive market.

fast turnaround plate making

Cyrel® FAST thermal plate processing technology uses solvent-free thermal processing to produce a press-ready finished flexo plates

Cyrel® FAST Thermal Workflow – Productivity, Savings and Sustainability

DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow is an innovative, highly productive plate processing technology that uses solvent-free thermal processing to produce a press-ready finished plate in one hour or less.

Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow is a complete plate production system supported by complementary Cyrel® equipment. It’s the ideal workflow solution for a variety of printing applications, enabling very fast processing, cost savings, sustainability and improved press performance.

Fast Turnaround Flexo Processing

Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow is the complete hardware and consumable solution, enabling:

  • improved process control, product quality and consistency
  • up to a 75% reduction in total plate-production time

Cost Savings

Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow saves time, money and materials in operations and maintenance, solvent recycling and press cleaning through:

  • reduced plate consumption by up to 15% compared to conventional platemaking
  • reduced waste treatment and disposal costs due to the use of a solvent-free process


Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow features the smallest environmental footprint available today, resulting in:

  • up to 53% savings in greenhouse gas generation
  • up to 63% reduction in non-renewable energy consumption
  • compliance with the increasing requirements of environmental legislation
  • safer, low-emission work environment compared to solvent platemaking

Improved Press Performance

Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow provides print forms that significantly improves the productivity of flexographic printing presses by enabling:

  • faster press set-up times
  • higher press speed and longer life of the print form due to better plate thickness uniformity
  • superior ink resistance

Source: Flexo Thermal Plate Processing | Cyrel® FAST Thermal Workflow | DuPont United Kingdom