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High quality flexo plates are available. Flenex FW is the next generation flat-top dot water-wash technology.


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Comparable plates from other brands can be significantly more expensive than Fujifilm Flenex. This really is a game changer.

The other noticeable benefit is ink transfer. Press minders have found these plates ink up significantly faster, thus saving you press time and material. They’re also exceptionally durable as they’re uniquely made with rubber, lasting longer on press.

Flenex FW – a game changer

  • Reduced dot gain
  • Better ink transfer for cleaner, brighter print results
  • Faster exposure and washout times – Late cut off for delivery next day
  • Much more durable – each plate is able to perform longer on press than comparitive plates
  • Mild washout with water and dishwasher soap – environmentally better
  • Reduced plate swell –  longer print runs and greater overall profitability


High quality flexo plates available

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Affordable Flat-top dot technology

Fujifilm Flenex FW, a proven success in the USA

Learn how Flenex FW has already a proven track record throughout North America.


By using Flenex FW digital flexo plates, printers have dramatically streamlined their set-up whilst improving print quality.


“We’re always looking for ways to improve our productivity and efficiency in order to best serve our customers, and after using the new Flenex FW plates we received a lot of positive feedback from our press operators who were impressed with the durability and ease of clean-up.”
Theresa Narveson, Manufacturing Engineer, Brady Corporation, Industrial Labels Milwaukee, WI


“Flenex FW produces a better, rounder dot which holds a 1% dot more consistently. The drape of the plate is better too, with significantly reduced edge lifting.”
Joel Keefauver, Prepress Manager, Graphics Universal Greencastle, PA


“Compared to our old solvent plate system, Flenex FW prints higher line screens and finer text and run up to 2.5 times longer.”
Shane Hilmer, President, Southwest Publishing, Envelope Topeka, KS


“With Flenex FW’s dot architecture, we are coming closer and closer to offset quality process work while reducing set-up time on press. All these aspects help make us more competitive and allow for faster turn-times, which equate to more business for my firm.”
Phillip Weitzel, President, Universal Products Inc., Consumer Product Labels, Goddard, KS


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MPH Ltd are looking for flexo print partners to join in with the latest flexo plate technology revolution. For more information on Flenex FW, visit Fujifilm here.

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Fujifilm Flenex FW is the next generation flat-top dot technology. Sign up and receive your trial plates.