How to better schedule your flexo plate production

Online has transformed everything, and flexo is no exception.

An issue faced by many flexographic printers is that of plate organisation and that’s where the internet can help. Often printers outsource their photopolymer plate production to companies but find it very difficult to synchronise production on the factory floor with their outsource partners. When margins are so tight, everyone has to be slick to save on costs. The faster a job can go through, the better your flexo press will compete with digital.

Flexo plate production scheduler


MPH offers a free service whereby any authorised person, granted for access, can view online their company’s bespoke production schedule. The admin planners know where a job is along with the sales team and shop floor. There are no excuses!

Flexo production scheduler


Contact your MPH representative for information as to how we implement your bespoke scheduler.

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