Label Embossing – Discover the ’emboss with flexo’ secret

The ability to provide label embossing enables the possibility to expand into new markets. Unfortunately expensive metal dies and the special equipment required mean that initial costs can be a prohibitive factor for many printers and their customers.

label embossing using flexo station without metal die

A label embossed with MPH Limited supplied photopolymer label embossing plates

The good news is that there is an effective method of label embossing, without the need for dies and special stations with their associated costs.

Enter photopolymer label embossing plates

Provided as a male and female set, this effective embossing solution offers a realistic and cost effective alternative to expensive metal dies. MPH Limited supplies a specially hardened emboss plate that will locate on an impression roller within your Flexo line, often on a cutting station. The emboss image then pushes up and into the web, called a ‘male’ plate. A second ‘female’ plate with the emboss image reversed out as a negative of the male plate, is located on a print roller within the Flexo unit. The web then passes through this interlocking set of label emboss plates. Many have found they’ve been able to do this using cutting stations as well as print stations*.

The results are impressive and enable new possibilities for sales drives in this ever increasingly difficult market.

The traditional application for embossed labels isn’t just the beverage market and has now expanded into other areas.

Don’t be left behind, offer your prospects and customers label embossing

A simple trial will determine what photopolymer label embossing can do for your business. MPH Limited will guide you every step of the way, providing with all the information needed to run your own embossed labels.


*Press dependent